Puglia Italy Hosts 2015 Virtuoso Chairman’s Recognition Event

Puglia, ItalyThe Virtuoso Chairman’s Recognition Event, an annual event created by Virtuoso to reward its top agencies and advisors, will be held this year in stunning Puglia Italy.

Each year the Chairman’s Recognition Event is held at destinations that appeal to Virtuoso travelers. It gives the honorees first-hand exposure to the upscale travel they typically plan.

This year’s Recognition Event will be held in Puglia, Italy from November 4-10. Puglia has turned into a top international destination for its climate, its century-old Mediterranean art, culture, and history and for its breath-taking beaches. Located on the heel of Italy’s boot, the region of Puglia stretches along the Adriatic and Ionian coastlines.

The Virtuoso’s Chairman’s Recognition Event occurs annually and has been held in some of the most exciting locales in the world. In 2014, it was held in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Previous locations have included Switzerland, China, Kenya, Scotland, India and Peru.

Staying Connected in Puglia Italy – Virtuoso Event

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