WiFi Calling App Generating Positive Buzz

Connectivity while traveling is one of the top priorities of international travelers. So Wireless Traveler designed an app to help travelers easily and inexpensively stay in touch all over the world, using their own smart phone.

Our mobile WiFi calling app has been available for a little over two months and we are excited with the attention it has been getting.


The WiFi Calling App Details

Once you download the Wirelesstraveler App and activate it, you receive a unique U.S. number. Calling the U.S. while abroad is only two center per minute! And, your friends and family can call you without incurring any international calling charges. The app syncs with your contact list, displays caller ID, and supports voicemail.

Plus, when both parties have the Wirelesstraveler App on their phones, the calls are free. We believe the app to app feature is one of its key benefits and goes a long ways towards ensuring connectivity.


VirutosoWk6In August, we took the app to one of the premier events in the travel industry, Virtuoso Travel Week. Over 520 travel agents and suppliers downloaded the app during the week and logged 6,250 minutes!

Since the show, Virtuoso Travel Agents have told us how much they are using the free app to app calling feature to call their contacts in destination management companies in other countries.

Plus, we are hearing back from people who are using it as they travel internationally. They’re giving us thumbs up on the app’s ease of use, reliability, and connectivity while traveling.

“I used the Wireless app in Europe … while touring in Germany… it worked like a charm and with great consistency & reliability.” Paul J. Largay, CEO, Largay Travel

Virtuoso Travel Week


You can download the Wirelesstraveler App for free from either iTunes or Google Play. A simple online activation gets you started. You can log on to your Wireless Traveler account at any time to add money as you need to cover your phone calls – a true pay as you go pricing plan.

Give it a try and let us know how you like it. We’d love to hear from you!

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