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Using Wireless Traveler app from homeSometimes the value of staying connected is more than just when you are traveling, as Madeline Duchon, from Precision Travel recently discovered. She needed to place an international call while recovering from surgery at home but didn’t have international service on her cell phone.

Madeline downloaded the Wirelesstraveler App and quickly discovered how handy it is in providing reliable and inexpensive communications — no matter where you are.

Here’s Madeline’s story …

“I was working from home while recuperating from knee surgery and needed to verify something for a client. I do not have long distance on my home phone and normally I use my cell phone, which is valid only in the U.S. 

I used your Wireless Traveler App and within 15 seconds I was talking to London and it cost me all of 6 cents. Under normal circumstances I would have gotten in the car, driven to my office and made the phone call. Not being able to do this, the app really saved my day and solved a problem.”

Madeline is a seasoned travel advisor and global traveler with Precision Travel, a member of Virtuoso, the travel industry’s leading luxury network. Precision Travel creates thoughtfully crafted travel itineraries, providing years of professional experience, worldwide connections and product, lifestyle and destination expertise to their clients.

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