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Travel Trackers for Gifting

Do more than track your travel plans or trip in general.  With Travel Trackers you can find literally everything these days. And what’s more, it’s a fun and unique  gift for a client traveling abroad, or a Student heading off on a semester overseas. Check out the Wireless Traveler top picks for useful Finders while you travel.



Orbit Powerbank Charger & Finder

The Powerbank Charger/Finder will track your phone and find your charger AND let you know when the charger is running low on power. $39.99.


Orbit Wallet CardOrbit Wallet Card Finder

The Orbit Card Finder fits effortlessly into your wallet or purse for tracking with your credit cards. Rechargeable battery included!  $39.99


Orbit Glasses FinderOrbit Glasses Finder

Never lose your glasses again with the Orbit Eyeglasses Finder. Stick it on the arm of your glasses and make it ring via the Orbit App. $39.99.


Orbit Key Finder

With the Orbit Key and Phone Finder, you can find your phone AND find your keys.  Download the Orbit App for free and quickly find your keys or check the last seen location via the Orbit Finder Map. Comes in 12 gorgeous colors! $29.99

Stick-On FinderOrbit Stick-on Finder

The Orbit Stick-on is perfect for anything you don’t want to lose. From backpacks, to luggage and even Teddy Bears your stick-on with Selfie remote will track it,even before you lose it with the Separation Alert. $24.99

Enjoy secure and reliable access to the Internet with the Pocket Wi-Fi Device. Use it for emails, social media, data streaming and Wi-Fi calling, plus connect up to five devices at one time. Rent for as low as $20.00 per week or purchase one for as low as $139.99. (Data bundle is extra.) And add any one of the above trackers to your Pocket WiFi Device to keep it safe and traceable.