Secure WiFi PURE Marrakesh

PURE Marrakech WiFi 2018

PURE Marrakesh Travel Show

September 9 – 13 2018, this 5 day event promises to be as enriching as previous years.

Featuring 43 twenty minute meetings with high end experiential travel experts, the days are full, and networking goes on into the evenings with spectacular social activities.

This year, as in the past 9 years, PURE continues to support EFA, Education for All, a wonderful organization dedicated to helping young girls and women from rural areas with secure lodging close to their schools, while they are away from their families.

Our Travel Advisor community often ask Wireless Traveler to provide suggestions on the optimum way to stay connected while in Morocco.


Secure WiFi PURE Marrakesh

For the first time Wireless Traveler is offering secure and high speed Pocket WiFi connectivity for all of your data devices.  Our bespoke corporate program with 8 SIM cards in one compact pocket WiFi device will keep your personal information safe and available to upload or download when you need it.

Whether you are posting pictures or networking on social media, or even getting back to clients for business matters, the Wireless Traveler Pocket WiFi keeps you effortlessly connected. And for those of you traveling to surrounding countries before and/or after your PURE conference, even better as the Pocket WiFi works in over 170 countries, including some of the most remote  and challenging locations like Brazil and China.

Contact us before you leave for more information and to book your device at and have a great experiential week!

“I have never had such good service in Brazil because I go to some off the grid-ish places. I felt much more safe with the Pocket WiFi knowing I could get online or call for a ride…”

Elena S. , Wireless Traveler Client