Gifting & Care Packages for College

College Gift Ideas

College Care Package Gift Ideas

Everyone knows a College student. Maybe your own child has headed off for freshman year, or a niece/nephew or grandchild is off on a new adventure. First year students or Seniors, everyone loves the excitement and surprise of a care package. But what can you send that they didn’t bring up with them?

Something unique and delightful to show that you care and are thinking about them in their first few months of a new College year.  Think about a small note and gift to pop into a snack basket for immediate use in their dorm. Maybe for decor or maybe to track their valuables. Check out Wireless Traveler’s Top Picks below and delight your favorite college student, whether studying close to home or abroad.



PowerbankOrbit Powerbank Charger & Finder

The Powerbank Charger/Finder is the top choice in College Gifts! Fast recharge on iPhones & Androids. Plus your phone can track and find your charger AND let you know when the charger is running low on power. $39.99.

Bluetooth speakersMiLi SoundMate Mini Speakers

The MiLi SoundMate Speakers are perfect for your favorite music with outstanding quality wound whether in your dorm or out jogging. With SoundMate’s silicone straps, simply hang the speaker on a bike or backpack, wrap it around your wrist or set it on your desk. Flexible Bluetooth music for you to enjoy!  $39.99


Orbit Glasses FinderOrbit Glasses Finder

Never lose your glasses again with the Orbit Eyeglasses Finder. Stick it on the arm of your glasses and make it ring via the Orbit App. $39.99.

Orbit Key Finder

With the Orbit Key and Phone Finder, you can find your phone AND find your keys.  Download the Orbit App for free and quickly find your keys or check the last seen location via the Orbit Finder Map. $29.99

WT Pocket Wifi Hotspot for Study Abroad

The Pocket Wifi Hotspot gives you save and secure access to the Internet anywhere in Europe. LTE fast speeds, start posting and WiFi calling the minute you land at the airport or in the taxi  $139.99.