Data Savings for Studying in Europe 2018

Data savings for Study Abroad (1)

Data is unlimited for most of us on our regular carrier plans, but what about when studying abroad? Fall semesters range from 2 to 3 months, so the options are worth considering, as you are not quite a local, but certainly not a tourist.


Option 1: Pocket Wi-Fi

Get a Pocket Wi-Fi to access maps, Instagram, Snapchat, emails as soon as you land at the airport. Rent for as low as $40 per month or BUY for $109.99. Then just add data as you need it. 1 GB for $35 and 4 GB for $100 and works all over Europe for all your devices – Smart Phone, iPads, Computers, etc. Beats paying your network carrier $10 a day for 2 months!!

Option 2: Data SIM Card

If you already own a Pocket Wi-Fi or want to use your iPad/Tablet, buy the Wireless Traveler Data SIM card for $19.99 and purchase data bundles as you need it. Great for every trip abroad so share with your family for future vacations overseas!

Option 3: Local Data SIM Card

Once you are settled into London, Paris or wherever you plan to study, check out the local data SIM cards and get a local plan for even cheaper. But be sure to keep your Wireless Traveler Data SIM card in a safe place with your passport. It will give you data for other countries your travel to in Europe on your free weekends – much better than spending time at airports or train stations looking for SIM cards!

Enjoy your study abroad and share all those pics seamlessly on social media with your easy data solutions! Contact Wireless Traveler for Student discounts via Live Chat or email at or call us if you are leaving shortly 1-866-700-3883. Overnight delivery available in USA.