Reduce Vacation Stress & Make Your Trip More Enjoyable

Maui Beach, Hawaii

Editors note: This blog was written by our friends at Luggage Free, one of the leaders in door-to-door luggage, ski, bike and golf club shipping.

Vacation stress can make your vacation go from something you enjoy to something you need a vacation to recover from. Learn how to reduce vacation stress now!

Make Your Vacation More Enjoyable by Cutting Down the Stress

Have you ever felt like you needed a few days just to recover from your vacation after it’s over? Doesn’t it strike you as odd that you need to plan in some down time when you should be returning refreshed and ready to get back to the routine of things?

While there are a number of reasons for this, a major factor is the stress levels that are usually involved in an extended trip away from your home. Here are some ways to reduce the stress of your trip.

While the specific ideas may vary, the overarching theme is this: simplify. Here’s how you can do that.

Research the Electrical System in Your Destination Country

Few things are more frustrating than packing a bevy of electronics—hair dryers, laptops, curling irons, and even cell phones—only to discover that the electrical system in your destination country is incompatible with the things you brought.

For example, in Europe the electrical appliances run on 220 volts, while in the U.S., they run on 110. This means if you try to plug your laptop in over in Europe, you could end up with some very unsatisfactory results.

Something like this has an easy fix, assuming you know about it and plan ahead. You can get adaptors to use while you’re abroad. Rather than discovering you need an adaptor at 3 A.M. in your hotel room, a few minutes of research before you leave can let you address the issue beforehand.

Of course, this is just one example. Wherever your destination, do a little bit of research in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Skip the Customs Lines and Don’t Play Roulette with the Airlines

Airlines are notorious for losing luggage — and, it seems that the more important the luggage, the more likely it is to arrive late (or not at all). On top of this, taking too many bags through customs can be quite taxing, to say the least.

You can skip all this hassle by using a service such as Luggage Free. These services take your luggage and ship it directly to your destination. You get to skip the hassle of going through customs and the worry that the airlines will send your luggage to the wrong country.

By following these tips — and by preparing with an eye towards simplifying your experience — you can free up the time and energy spent on problems and instead focus on your vacation. Enjoy!