Great Gift Ideas For Travel Advisors to Give Their Clients

Wellness spa travel gift ideasAs a travel advisor, one way to win the hearts of your clients and to help make their vacation more memorable, is to send them on their way with a thoughtful gift. We put our heads together and came up with travel gift ideas that we think are perfect for all types of travelers – whether you’re traveling internationally, with family, or going solo.

While we had travel advisors in mind, this list isn’t limited to them! You may have a friend or family member going on a trip who would love a bon voyage gift. You might like to gift one of these to yourself!

Limousine Service To and From Airport

Give your clients the gift of stress-free travel – before and after their trip. Let them leave their car at home and gift them a limousine ride to and from the airport. You’re sure to win a few bonus points!

Luggage Delivery

Or, give your client the gift of hassle-free travel. With a luggage delivery gift, your clients don’t have to stand in check-in lines or wait for their bags at the end of a long flight. Our friends at Luggage Free offer gift cards you can give to your clients.

Wi-Fi Calling App

Wi-Fi Calling to Friends & Family

Make it easy for your clients to stay connected with friends and family by gifting them free hours of Wi-Fi calling. Have your clients download the Wireless Traveler Wi-Fi Calling App on their smart phones and you provide the air time. At 2¢ per minute back to the United States, $10 or $20 goes a long way!

Airplane Survival Kit

Fill a carry-on tote with an assortment of goodies to help relieve their time in the air. Hard candies, aromatherapy spray, cooling eye mask, slippers, a deck of cards or travel games, like the lightweight travel dominoes crafted in Birch wood by Walnut Studiolo.

Slip in a carry-on cocktail kit for those who enjoy an adult beverage while flying. These kits, by W&P Design, contain the ingredients necessary to add some spice to boring airplane cocktails.

Travel Maps and Books for Families

A selection of travel books, maps, and games makes a great gift for families traveling with children. Lonely Planet has a wide assortment of travel books for kids, including an interactive Family Travel Map that lets families plot where they’ve been and what they’ve seen, creating a wonderful souvenir of their trip.

Travel Journal

A travel journal is a thoughtful gift for clients who like to capture their travel adventures on paper. The travel journal from Travelege, is a planner as well as a journal and contains comprehensive travel information and tips, as well as a place for recording words and drawings.

iTunes or GooglePlay Gift Card

To while away the hours in-flight, give an iTunes or GooglePlay gift card. Your client can choose what movies, TV shows, music, books, apps or games they’d like to download.

Travel-Size Battery Charger

If you have ever found yourself running low on phone battery and no place to charge, you know how much your clients will appreciate a travel-size battery charger from Wireless Traveler. Small and compact, it fits easily into a carry-on bag, and provides a few extra hours of battery.

Welcome Wine and Cheese Basket

Ease your client’s transition from airplane to hotel by having a Wine and Cheese Basket (or their favorite beverage and snack food) waiting for them when they walk into their hotel room. It will be a welcome change from airplane food.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are wonderful things. You can tailor them to fit each client’s interests and travel destination. Do you have a client in need of pampering? Gift them a massage or spa treatment – perfect for those staying in a resort or on a cruise. For foodies, give a gift certificate combined with a reservation to a popular local restaurant. Or, for music or theater buffs, consider a gift certificate to a local music venue or show.