A Few Of Our Favorite Travel Podcasts

Opera House, Sydney, Australia

Our Senior Vice President was recently interviewed on the travel podcast, Your Bucket List Buster, about the best Wi-Fi products for traveling. It got us thinking about some of our favorite travel podcasts. There are a zillion (at least) podcasts out there that cover everything related to travel – budget travel, solo travel, LGBT travel, travel destinations, women-based travel, earning money while traveling – basically, everything you could ever want to know about travel.

Travel podcasts are a great way to survive your daily commute or a long overseas flight. Here are a few we like.

Your Bucket List Buster

In addition to being the host of Your Bucket List Buster radio show, Karen Duncan also runs a successful travel business, Peeks Cruises and Tours. She, along with other industry experts, share their travel knowledge and expertise to make your travel dreams come true, along with tips on how to have stress-free vacations.

She has just returned to talk radio after a year hiatus and her first show includes an interview with Brenda Benson, our Senior Vice President of Marketing, on how to have reliable and secure internet connectivity while traveling.

You can listen to the show by clicking on the podcast below. Their interview starts at 6:20.

Travel Today with Peter Greenberg

Peter Greenberg, known as the “Travel Detective”, is a respected travel news journalist and travel editor for CBS News with years of global travel under his belt. His radio show, Travel Today with Peter Greenberg, covers all things travel-related – everything from pertinent travel information to the latest travel news to insider tips.

In one of his podcasts, Greenberg interviewed Wireless Traveler’s CEO, Ian Benson, about the importance of using a secure Wi-Fi network when traveling. If you’d like to listen to their interview, click on this YouTube video. The interview starts at 2:30.

The Travelers

The Travelers podcast explores experiential, or transformative travel, through stories from travelers. They share how their lives have been enriched by the experiences they’ve had, the people they’ve met, and what they’ve learned along the way – both about the world and themselves. Their stories are inspiring and may uncover the wanderlust in you. (Note: The Travelers used to be The Daily Travel Podcast.)

Location Indie

If you have longed to combine work with travel, the Location Indie podcast can help. Two successful travel adventurers and digital nomads started Location Indie to provide honest and realistic information about what it takes to be location independent and how to balance work, life, and travel.

Zero to Travel and Extra Pack of Peanuts

The hosts of Location Indie each have their own hugely popular travel podcasts as well – Zero to Travel and Extra Pack of Peanuts – where they share practical advice on travel. You’ll learn how to travel more and spend less, how to work and live overseas, how to travel solo, and other useful travel tips and tricks.