The Rise of LGBT Tourism

Gay Pride, Madrid, SpainIt has been over a year since the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that gave the Constitutional rights for same-sex couples to marry. Since then, the LGBT travel industry – an $830 billion industry – has continued to grow.

Emerging LGBT Travel Destinations

New York, San Francisco, Key West and Provincetown have long been at the top of LGBT travel destinations. And gay-friendly destinations like Berlin, London, and Mykonos, Greece remain quite popular. But that is starting to change.

LGBT travelers, it seems, are exploring new and emerging international destinations. Tel Aviv, Israel is one such popular spot, according to Scott Gatz, CEO and founder of Q.Digital. And Hong Kong and Dubai made Gogobot’s 2016 LGBT Rising Stars list.

Dubai at Night

Travel closer to home is still appealing as well, with LGBT travelers exploring new domestic destinations. Gogobot has ranked Atlanta as the number one Rising Star for LGBT travelers, with Dallas, Boston, and Washington, D.C. also making the list.

Since the Supreme Court ruling, the number of gay and lesbian destination weddings has increased, with Hawaii as one of the most popular wedding spots.

Growing LGBT Tourism Market

Part of the reason for the rise in interest in these cities is that they are actively marketing to the LGBT audience. Given that the LGBT community travels frequently, this is a smart move.

Record high attendance at recent Pride parades and celebrations in the U.S. and abroad only underscore the importance of advertising to the LGBT market

Some brands have done so for several decades, including American Airlines and Marriott Hotels. This year, Laverne Cox, the Emmy-winner transgender actress from “Orange is the New Black” became an official ambassador of Marriott.

Other brands are recognizing the importance of marketing to the LGBT traveler. Royal Caribbean recently hired a director of diversity and inclusion. That position will focus on LGBT travel. And, Alaska Airlines also has developed a comprehensive marketing program directed at LGBT travelers.

Their research has shown that LGBT tourists travel almost six times more than any other travel segment – a sure sign that this $830 billion industry will continue to grow.

Staying Connected

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