Our Wireless Traveler Pocket Wifi Hotspot Travels Globally

Helicopter Flying at SunsetOur pocket wifi hotspot, offering travelers wifi access for up to five devices, has been a very popular rental item recently. It has been globe-trotting with travelers who have taken it with them to far-flung locations. It has been on an around the world tour (on a private jet no less), to India and to New Zealand — just to name a few global locations.

It has proven to be invaluable to the travelers who packed it in their bags. They love the ease of use and well, simply being able to reliably connect when and where they want.

Tiffany from @LuxeTiffany took a Wireless Traveler pocket wifi hotspot on her round the world trip with Abercrombie & Kent and loved how she was able to stay connected, no matter how remote the location — or even while flying in a helicopter!

@LuxeTiffany using Wireless Traveler pocket wifi hotspot

On another helicopter, this time in New Zealand, Gail Rosenburg, a luxury travel advisor used her Wireless Traveler pocket wifi to update her Facebook page while in flight. How cool is that?

Jerry Mocerino from Pro Travel used our Wireless Traveler pocket wifi hotspot while he had some road time during a recent trip to India. Sitting on a coach tour bus, he connected via his pocket wifi and got in a few hours of work. Not a bad way to combine travel and work.

Jerry has quite the travel bucket list — Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Bali are a few of his upcoming trips and he plans to take the pocket wifi hotspot with him.

Speaking of Bali, it is on our own dream vacation list. And, according to @LuxeTiffany, the pocket wifi hotspot works great there!

@LuxeTiffany in Bali

Are you planning a vacation in the upcoming months? Maybe going abroad for the holidays? Consider taking one of Wireless Traveler’s pocket wifi hotspots with you. Rent one for just $79 a week. You can connect up to five devices to it and it comes with unlimited data!

If you rent one, let us know where you take it!

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