Pocket WiFi Hotspot Perfect for U.S. Travel, Work and More

New York CityWe’ve written a lot about how well the Wireless Traveler pocket WiFi hotspot works overseas. But did you know it also works really well in the U.S.?

Whether you are working or on vacation, you’ll find the pocket WiFi hotspot invaluable.


Ian, our president, always carries a hotspot in his briefcase. Located on the East Coast, he travels frequently by train for work. He uses the time while traveling, say between Penn Station in New York and Boston, to catch up on all his contracts and emails. That’s four hours that he can devote to work. Thanks to his pocket WiFi hotspot, he can create an instant mini-office while enjoying the train’s business class service.

In fact many of our travel advisor clients hold onto the device when they return from their trips abroad and continue enjoying the benefits when they return home to the USA.


So lightweight it fits in your handbag or pocket, you become the hotspot wherever you are! Ever have a bit of waiting time before sports events, especially with family or at doctor visits? We use the pocket WiFi for a quick check on emails or for GPS when traveling to soccer tournaments!


If you are visiting the U.S., the pocket WiFi hotstpot will help you stay connected to your family and friends back home. You can tether up to five devices on one hotspot, and with unlimited data,  you’ll be able to catch up all on all your emails, update your social media, and research places you want to visit on the Internet.

Before you leave home, order a hotspot with us and we’ll make sure it is waiting for you at your hotel when you arrive. When your vacation is over, simply give it to the hotel concierge to send back to Wireless Traveler. We provide all the necessary packaging and mailing documents.

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