Orbit Glasses’ Finder – Wearable Fashion

Orbit Glasses FinderWhy would anyone need the Orbit Glasses’ Finder? If you’re the sort of person who takes your glasses on and off during the day, especially reading glasses, only to look for them a few minutes later, this is the perfect time saver. Not to mention peace of mind. Think expensive prescription glasses or designer sunglasses. No worries if you leave them at the airport,  in the taxi or at the restaurant.

Simply download the Orbit App for free and easily pair up the Finder with your phone. In a few steps you will never misplace or lose your glasses again.

There is even a separation alert, so if you leave them behind they will start beeping before you get too far away. The last seen map on your phone will show the last location where you had your glasses!

Orbit Glasses’ Finder is the world’s smallest Bluetooth tracking device. Just stick  on the inside arm of your glasses with the adhesive backing and you will barely notice it.

Orbit Glasses Finder

Use Promo Code WTORBIT for a 10% discount and order your Glasses’ Finder here. Great Gift item for the Holiday Season. Stick it on your AirPods or Contact Lens Case to track your valuables! Next day shipping available in the USA.

Also available in select National Vision Stores in Walmart and Hudson News Tech on the Go stores.