Studying Abroad Stay Connected

Be safe and connected while studying abroad. No need to spend a fortune. Wireless Traveler data and calling rates are so low you can call home every day! Whether you are studying abroad for 2 weeks or 6 months, Wireless Traveler has everything you need for calling, data and messaging.

  • No Contracts & No monthly fees
  • Local numbers available for long stays
  • Easy automatic recharge of call time
  • Next day shipping

Pocket Wi-Fi
Your own hotspot wherever you are
One low data plan for all your Smart devices
Works in 150 countries
Buy or rent

Global SIM card
Works in 190 countries
US & European numbers
Calls as low as 30 cents/minute in Europe
Free Incoming Text Messages

Burner & Smart Phones
Buy or Rent global low cost phones
Dual SIM phones
Service in 190 countries

Wi-Fi App
Calling as low as 2¢/minute
Free App to App Wi-Fi Calling