Student Education Travel Broadens Horizons

Student education and travel abroad programs

Participating in a student travel or study abroad program provides an educational experience that will expand a student’s understanding of the world in ways that aren’t available in a classroom.

These interactive programs offer some of the most important learning adventures of a student’s life. They provide an excellent opportunity for students to broaden their horizon – while gaining invaluable experience and knowledge along the way.

Some student travel programs are accredited, which means students have the potential to earn academic credit while they travel.

Student Travel Programs

Volunteer or Service Programs

Students have the opportunity to work with local communities around the world, engaging and working with community members on service projects. Depending on the area, service projects might focus on infrastructure, environment, education, or sustainability.

Experiential Education (Study Abroad)

The world becomes the classroom where students experience an interactive education instead of simply reading a textbook. Students will gain an appreciation for new environments, languages, and cultures, as well as developing a better appreciation and understanding of their own culture.


An international internship can be a rewarding experience for students. Students who participate in an internship program can boost their resumes while getting hands-on experience in the global workforce. An internship is a great way to acquire the kinds of skills that employers are seeking and often have scholarships available from colleges.

Destination Travel

Participating in a destination travel program, students will explore a country or region through in-depth encounters and outdoor adventures. While interacting with local communities, students gain an appreciation of the area’s culture, economics, arts and history.

Language Programs

Immersive language programs provide an opportunity for students to practice their language skills in authentic situations with native speakers. Many language programs include family stay options, where students experience total language and cultural immersion while becoming part of a local family.

Global student travel and study abroad programs

WorldStrides Travel Programs

If you are interested in a student travel program, Wireless Traveler recommends our partner WorldStrides. With over 50 years of experience, they provide students with a variety of travel experiences – bringing “learning to life”. WorldStrides handles all the logistics and travel details, ensuring peace of mind for students, teachers, and parents.

Staying Connected

For students considering a study abroad or travel program, it is easy to stay in touch with other students and loved ones back home. Wireless Traveler offers three reliable and low-cost options as well as our Bundle Program for Universities and Colleges portal.

1  Wi-Fi Calling App

The Wi-Fi Calling App can be downloaded free from iTunes or Google Play and used on a smartphone or iPad. With a Wi-Fi connection, calls back home are 2 cents per minute and calls app to app are free.

2  Pocket Wi-Fi Hotspot

Students can rent or purchase a global Pocket Wi-Fi Hotspot to avoid outrageous data roaming charges and to securely access the internet on their phone, tablet, or laptop. One hotspot supports up to 5 devices, and with flexible data plans, is perfect for students traveling overseas.

3  Super Saver SIM Cards

For students with unlocked smart phones, a low-cost Super Saver SIM card is a great option. It can be used in over 190 countries at drastically lower calling rates than through a U.S. domestic network provider. Super Saver SIM cards are just $19.99 to purchase and then students can add prepaid airtime.