Global SIM card

One SIM card for low rates in 190 countries – regular, micro & nano

Wireless Traveler Global SIM cards fit with all makes of Android and Apple phones. Regular, micro and nano size all in one SIM card. Whether you are traveling on pleasure or business start enjoying the best value global SIM card available. Call as low as 30 cents per minute in Europe and free incoming texts.


Features and Benefits

  • Calls, texting and data coverage in over 190 countries
  • Low calling rates
  • Prepaid airtime – no contracts, no monthly fees
  • US and European phone number

  • Free incoming text messages
  • Convenient auto recharge of airtime
  • Use for every trip
  • Reliable customer support

*Operates in many major cities and countries where GSM network coverage and roaming agreements are present.
**iMessage ONLY  with Verizon & Sprint. All other carriers fine for texting (ie. AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers, most local country carriers)
***Wireless Traveler SIM card will only operate in your Unlocked Smart Phone. Contact Wireless Traveler for more information.

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