Spring Skiing in Canada Mont Tremblant

Featured imageNothing compares to spring skiing in Mont Tremblant – at least in our opinion. A city in the Laurentian mountains of Quebec, Mont Tremblant is a few hours northwest of Montreal, Canada.

From the generosity of one of our travel partners, we were spontaneously offered a 5 bedroom gorgeous chalet in the heart of this delightful ski resort.

Chalet TremblantSo a 10 hour car ride later with kids in tow, we headed off from New York through 2 snow blizzards – one in Albany and one outside of Montreal to arrive just after midnight.

The next day we awoke to 27 degrees F and brilliant blue skies. A bit daunting to wait in line behind a local school of teenage boys to be fitted for skis and boots, but within the hour we were all learning to snowplow down the baby slope after balancing on the “magic carpet escalator”. To see the 2 year olds fly down the same slope on their snowboards and skis without poles was astonishing. No fear – just squeals of delight!

Basking in the sun in the quaint village of Mont Tremblant, we enjoyed a delicious lunch of Swiss cheeseburgers and a glass of Chardonnay. Boots strapped, we headed back to the slopes and caught the Minute Mile Chairlift to halfway up the mountain for our first trial run. Well, Ian had skied before in Europe and Colorado, so he effortlessly glided off the chair at the summit, the rest of us landed head first in the snow, to the shock of our fellow skiers! But from there on the green run down the mountain was exquisite.

Ski rest on TremblantA little stiff with muscles we haven’t used in years, Ian and I enjoyed a few more runs the next day before exploring the local shops and relaxing with a hot mulled wine – perfect Apres Ski Style! The kids had the time of their lives, 7 hours of exploring every ski slope they could find of the 28 in Mont Tremblant.

We would thoroughly recommend this charming and delightful resort to any family looking for a fun and exciting vacation with the friendliest French Canadians we have ever met! Ski runs range from beginner green to double black diamond.

Staying Connected in Canada

Our pocket wifi hotspot kept us connected in the car all the way up on the New York Throughway, except for a spot north of Albany until the Canadian border. The kids were able to read their e-books, play online games, while I handled emails from the office. As for Ian, our good humored driver, he was able to get us home safely connecting to WAZE, our favorite GPS App via our Wireless Traveler Pocket wifi device.

Although the chalets all had great wifi connection, we used the pocket wifi the first night as we were too exhausted to set up and connect to the local wifi. The wirelesstraveler Wi-Fi calling App worked brilliantly as we could call home to NY from Canada for only 2 cents/minute.

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