Service Projects and Learning Trips for Students

Students at school

Service projects for high school or college students are available throughout the world and can be the right blend of adventure and meaningful activity – a way for students to be immersed in a different culture, to see a different part of the world, and to learn how to affect positive change in global communities.

Service learning projects can combine volunteer work with study programs. Students gain valuable skills and knowledge through hands-on activities, discussions, and interaction with members of the local community.

Benefits of a Service Project

  1. A service project can have an uplifting and positive impact on the local community.
  2. It is a great way for students to “pay it forward” and learn the importance of giving.
  3. It helps students learn about and understand the benefits of cultural diversity.
  4. Students gain an appreciation for the environment and learn why conservation efforts are so critical.
  5. Students develop teamwork skills and how to take on leadership roles.
  6. Students can further develop their interests – for example, in medicine, education, science, sports, etc.

Types of Service Projects

Environment and Conservation

There are many opportunities for students to get their hands dirty. Students in environment or conservation programs may plant trees, create a community garden, or work alongside researchers and scientists. They may gather data about endangered species or assist in preservation efforts.

Humanitarian and Health

Students can learn the basics of construction and architectural skills while repairing houses, building community facilities, creating playgrounds, and improving a community’s infrastructure. They may assist medical health providers in community health centers, teach basic first aid, or work with local orphanages.


Students can use the skills they learn in the classroom on an educational service trip. Students may work in local schools to teach everything from English, mathematics, or computer and vocational skills. If they have an aptitude for sports, they may work with kids to teach teamwork and athletic skills. And, for those with artistic talents, they may teach children fine art, drama, and music.

No matter the type of service project, students will receive a powerful lesson in global citizenship.

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Staying Connected

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