Women-Only Travel Groups and Tours

Women Group Hiking, Austria

If you are a woman traveling by herself, you may find the benefits of traveling with other solo women ideal. Women-only travel groups include women from all walks of life and backgrounds. They may be young singles, women who have successfully raised children, built successful careers, or who are now enjoying retirement. Most of the women who participate in travel groups are solo travelers.

With a travel group, you’ll enjoy the camaraderie of other women. It is an excellent way to meet like-minded women, to challenge yourself, to learn a new skill or activity, to laugh and to just plain have fun. You’ll find yourself part of a supportive and encouraging group who appreciates exploring new destinations and having new adventures.

Women travel groups are an ideal way for solo travelers to travel together, but also for sisters, friends, or mothers and daughters to travel together. It is a perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, birthday, job promotion, graduation, or that summer is ending and your kids are heading back to school!

Traveling alone can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be stressful. You are responsible for everything – your safety, lodging, transportation, planning, etc. As part of a group tour, you can leave all that to someone else, and simply enjoy an itinerary that has been uniquely designed and tailored for women travelers. If you still crave solo time, you’ll find many itineraries strike a nice balance between group activities and free time for yourself.

Women-Only Tour Options

If you are interested in traveling as part of a women-only tour group, a good place to start is the Transitions Abroad website. They have a comprehensive listing of women travel tours and groups. You’ll find everything from walking tours, adventure tours, wine and culinary tours, history and culture tours, and girlfriend getaways.

With so many tour options, you’re sure to find an itinerary and tour that best fits your travel style. You’ll have the adventure of a lifetime!

Staying Connected While Traveling

Because you’ll want to stay in touch with friends and family, having connectivity wherever you are is important. We recommend using a global SIM card. It not only provides a secure connection, it allows you to make calls for a fraction of the cost of most network providers. You can also download our Wireless Traveler app onto your smartphone (free from iTunes or Google Play). Have your family and friends install it as well and you can talk to each other for free.

To ensure you have a secure WiFi connection, we recommend traveling with a WiFi Hotspot. You can buy one from Wireless Traveler for a special rate of $139 or rent one for $20/week. Depending on your destination, you can purchase 1GB of data for as low as $89.