Which to Use on Your European Vacation? Rental Phone or SIM Card

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Europe is one of the most popular summer travel spots. Did you know that London, Paris, and Barcelona are the top three European tourist destinations?

Will you be one of those tourists?

Are you a tennis buff heading to this year’s Wimbledon (Jun 29-Jul 12)? Part of a multi-generational family on a visit to the beautiful Bois de Boulogne in Paris?

Or, maybe you are indulging the inner biker in you with a visit to Barcelona Harley Days (the largest celebration of Harley-Davidsons in Europe, Jul 3-5).

Barcelona Spain

Whether you are traveling as a family or flying solo, being able to easily connect with others – whether it is with a family member, your car service, or verifying your reservations – goes a long ways towards a successful and happy vacation.

We understand that not everyone in your group may have a cell phone or if they do, it may not be an unlocked smart phone that can support a SIM card.

Not to worry, we have you covered.


Wireless Traveler offers rental phones that are great for those who don’t own a cell phone or who have a locked smart phone. You can rent a basic or smart phone for as low as $25 for up to 2 weeks, plus whatever prepaid airtime you would like.

Rates are great in Europe at only 49 cents/minute to make calls and 25 cents/minute to receive calls. Incoming text messages are free to receive.


If you, or someone in your group, does have an unlocked smart phone, we offer Nano or Micro SIM cards starting at $19.95 with $15.00 of additional free airtime once you have activated your phone. A SIM card is easy to install. (This helpful YouTube video shows you how to install a SIM card in an iPhone.) Wireless Traveler SIM cards give you both a European UK number AND a US telephone number, all on the same SIM card.


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