Shaker Heights High School Band Will Perform in Spain


March is a favorite time for high school and college bands to tour abroad. One, in particular, is the Shaker Heights High School band from Shaker Heights, Ohio. The band is one of the premier high school marching bands in the U.S. They will tour and perform throughout Spain, including stops in Madrid, Valencia, and Barcelona.

Early Music Appreciation

The Shaker Heights school district encourages young people to develop an early interest in music, requiring all students in the fifth and sixth grade to play instruments. Many of these children continue to pursue music, with about 50% of the middle school students participating in band.

Everyone in the high school instrumental music program participates in the marching band, which boasts more than 400 students. The Shaker Heights band is almost twice the size of Ohio State University’s band!

In addition to the marching band, the high school also has five concert bands and three jazz groups.

Tours and Performances

With an emphasis on superior performance and in-depth study, the Shaker Heights High School band participates in festivals, state and national competitions, and international tours.

Their first international trip was in 1988 when they attended a band festival in Toronto, Canada. In 1990, the band was invited to Goslar, Germany. The Berlin Wall had just fallen and they traveled into East Germany and performed in Wernigerode and Quedlinburg.

Since then, they have been able to travel internationally every 2-3 years and have toured and performed in such countries as Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Italy, and China.

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