Secure WiFi for Business Travelers Going Overseas

Wireless Traveler distributorsIf you are traveling overseas on business, you need reliable, available, and secure communications. When you connect to the Internet from your office, you know who is responsible for the network and which people can connect to it.

However, when you travel, especially abroad, you are no longer guaranteed that same level of security.

Imagine that you have scheduled an important video call with a client and your hotel doesn’t have a secure connection. Or, you need to send a confidential report and the closest location with Wi-Fi is in a local café that offers an unsecured connection, along with a cup of coffee.

Potentially, someone sitting next to you can capture the data that you send from your device.

How to Stay Securely and Safely Connected

Luckily, business travelers have alternatives. We suggest traveling with your own Pocket Wi-Fi Hotspot, installing a Global SIM card in your smart phone and downloading a Wi-Fi Calling App.

They don’t take much space in your luggage, all are cost-effective, and all will go a long way towards providing you a safe and secure Wi-Fi connection – and peace of mind.

1  Global Pocket Wi-Fi Hotspot for Multiple Devices

Pocket Wi-Fi HotspotWith a Global Pocket Wi-Fi Hotspot you can access the Internet – from emails to data streaming – all on your own secure network. Lightweight and portable, it beats having to pay for Wi-Fi in airports or anywhere else you may find yourself (e.g., on a train).

And, you won’t have any worries about exposing company confidential data, files, or credit cards, on an unsecured public network.

Features of Wireless Traveler’s Global Pocket Wi-Fi Hotspot:

• High speed 4G/LTE data
• Share one low cost plan for all your devices
• Connect up to 5 smart devices at a time
• Available in over 170 countries

2  Global SIM Card for Your Unlocked Smart Phone

Global SIM CardsHaving to make and receive phone calls while traveling is essential for  business travelers. Calls can’t be avoided but excessive roaming charges can. Global SIM cards are cost effective, typically don’t require a contract, and can be used in most every country worldwide.

Features of Wireless Traveler’s Super Saver SIM card:

• Calls, texting and data coverage in over 190 countries
• Low calling and texting rates
• Prepaid airtime – no contracts, no monthly fees
• U.S. and European UK phone number
• Free incoming text messages
• Auto recharge of airtime for business travelers
• Use for every trip
• Reliable customer support

3 Wi-Fi Calling App for Low Cost Calls


With a Wi-Fi Calling App, you can easily and inexpensively stay in touch all over the world. Download the app for free. Once you have set up an account, you can make calls for as little as two cents/minute. If you are traveling with others, install the app on everyone’s phone, and you can call each other for free app to app.

Features of Wireless Traveler’s Wi-Fi Calling App:

• Crystal Clear Wi-Fi Calls
• Calls as low as 2 cents/minute
• Free calls app to app
• Call land lines and cell phones
• Domestic and international calling
• Works in over 190 countries
• U.S. telephone number
• The person you are calling does NOT need to have the app