Our Dream Vacations – Cruising Egypt Nile River

Great Pyramids of Giza, EgyptEgypt. The land of ancient civilizations, temples and pyramids, and the Nile River – the longest river in the world.

As first-time visitors to Egypt, we love the idea of a guided group tour that includes a cruise on the Nile River.

A river cruise offers us a chance to experience Egypt in a unique way. Sailing past temples, watching the sun set over the Nile, and visiting the riverbank towns of Edfu, Luxor, and Aswan, where the Nile flows around Elephantine Island, home of Egypt’s Botanical Gardens.

Best of all, a group tour means all the trip details are taken care of (which really appeals to us) – from airport transfers, hotel stays, secure transportation, and guided visits with experienced local guides.

What a great way to experience Egypt!


EGYPTIAN MUSEUM – The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is home to the most extensive collection of Egyptian antiquities in the world. And while in Cairo, we want to visit Khan El Kalili Bazaar – Cairo’s largest open market for an opportunity to practice our bargaining skills and treat ourselves to a falafel.

GREAT PYRAMIDS AND SPHINX – These legendary pyramids are considered the planet’s oldest tourist attraction and the last surviving Wonder of the Ancient World. An estimated 2.5 million limestone blocks were used to build Cheops – the largest of them.

Our children want to visit the Sphinx, the famous statue with the face of a man and body of a lion.

ABU SIMBEL – Abu Simbel is home to the famed Temple of Ramses II.

VALLEY OF THE KINGS – On the West Bank of the Nile is the Valley of the Kings, tombs of pharaohs from the 16th-11th century BC.

I loved the Wireless Traveler Pocket WiFi – friends on social media were able to see in real time what I was experiencing first hand. I could snap a picture of the pyramids, or sunset on the Nile and instantly share on Twitter, Facebook, etc… all without worrying about incurring data fees on my cell phone! As an added benefit I was online within a few minutes of landing at the airport, allowing me to check emails while taxiing to the gate and at the luggage carousel. – Emma Cottis, Goway Travel

Goway Travel offers a “Classic Egypt” tour that is great for first time visitors to Egypt, providing an introduction to Egypt’s ancient lands, pyramids, and culture. Their nine day tour starts with two days in Cairo and includes a five day Nile river cruise, from Aswan to Luxor.


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