Is A River Cruise Right for You?

Over the last few years, river cruises have grown in popularity – and don’t show any signs of declining. In fact, river cruise lines are adding a number of new ships this year to keep up with the increase in demand.

If you’ve been thinking about a river cruise but aren’t sure if it is right for you, here are ten reasons to consider one. You might find that a river cruise is a perfect match for your travel style.

Prague, Czech Republic, Danube River

10 Reasons to Take a River Cruise

  1. River cruising offers an all-inclusive value. Accommodations, meals, and transportation between ports are included. Some cruises lines include onshore excursions, wine with meals, and bicycles you can use to explore on your own.
  1. The scenery and destinations along the way are the main attractions. If you want multiple dining and entertainment venues, an ocean cruise may be more your style.
  1. If getting a more in-depth experience is your thing, then you’ll find plenty of possibilities with a river cruise. You’ll be able to learn more about a destination’s culture and history during onshore excursions as well as through lectures, films, and while enjoying local cuisine onboard.
  1. River boats are smaller in size meaning you’ll have a greater chance of actually getting to know your fellow passengers. As a solo traveler, you won’t be alone. Many solo travelers sail on a river cruise, made more attractive by the fact that many cruise lines are reducing or waiving single supplements.
  1. If you’re not one for a tux and gown, you’re in luck. River cruises tend to be casual, with guests slightly upping their dress for dinner. Because you are out and about, dressing for comfort is more important than dressing for style.
  1. Cruise lines are starting to create themed cruises, so if you want to enjoy the wines of a region, there’s a cruise for you. Themed cruises run the gamut from history to music to chocolate.
  1. River cruises are on rivers all over the world. You aren’t limited to location or time of year. Cruise the Mekong River in the winter, the Netherlands in the spring, or the Duoro River in Portugal in the fall. Not to mention the Christmas markets in Germany and Austria.
  1. For exercise buffs, riverboats have you covered. You’ll find fitness equipment, yoga classes, and swimming pools onboard. Plus, you’ll have plenty of walking or biking opportunities while onshore.
  1. If you want to slow down, a river cruise can help with that. You won’t break any speed records as you travel the rivers, but you will be able to wave and say hi to people onshore as you sail by.
  1. If you don’t always want to slow down, a river cruise can help you with that as well. Many cruise operators offer cruise and land packages, allowing you to add a little adventure while onshore. Cruise and Biking Tours or Cruise and Walking Tours are a couple of favorites.

Amesterdam, Netherlands - River and Bike Tour

Book Your River Cruise

With its popularity, you won’t have any trouble finding the right tour, destination, and cruise ship to fit your requirements. We enjoy working with Butterfield & Robinson who offer a variety of river cruise packages as well as river and land combination packages. In fact, their Danube River and Bike Tour is on our travel bucket list.

Staying Connected

Because most rivers are not more than a mile wide, you’ll have access to cell phone towers, which makes staying connected very easy. Several cruise lines are now offering WiFi services onboard their ships. Our global SIM cards are a perfect option for your smartphones if you cruise between countries – with them, you won’t have to purchase country-specific SIM cards. And when on land, rent or buy our Pocket Wi-Fi device so you can post all your great pictures onto your Instagram or Facebook accounts!