Embarking on a Family Vacation to France

wireless communication plansHave you been thinking about gathering your family together for an overseas vacation? Grandparents, parents, children, maybe an aunt or uncle or two? One of the most popular locations for multi-generational family vacations is France. And the summer is a great time to travel.


If you want to visit France and enjoy its natural beauty, head to the French Alps. It’s a perfect family spot in the summer. Swim in the alpine lakes, hike the mountains, bike the many trails, or wander the villages. If the beach scene is more your family’s style, head to Brittany, which has many excellent beaches and caters to families. If you’d like to visit the Riviera, the colorful towns of Villefranche-sur-Mer and Menton both have family-friendly beaches.

When in France, it would be impossible not to spend a few days in Paris (crowds and all). People of all ages will find something to love about this city. From the Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower to DisneyLand Paris, there is something for all ages. And don’t forget a stop at a Paris Patissserie, where everyone can indulge in a delectable macaroon – a true Parisian delight.


A family vacation sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? Until you get to the planning. All those details. One of the biggest concerns is to make sure everyone can stay connected – to each other and to those back home. This is especially important when you have multiple age groups involved – making sure everyone feels safe and secure. Affordable and easy calling and texting are important, as well as Internet access. Access that you don’t have to hunt for and that doesn’t cost an exorbitant rate.

Ensuring that everyone can easily stay connected – to each other and to the Internet – will go a long ways towards a happy and memorable vacation. Wireless Traveler provides wireless connectivity options and recommends the following three to help make staying connected a breeze. For everyone in your family.

  1. Calling and Texting – Unlocked Smart Phones
    Purchase a Global SIM Card for each phone. This allows you to use your own phone, forward your phone calls, and easily stay in touch with your family near and back home.
    $24.99 – $15 free airtime
  2. Calling and Texting – Other Cell Phones
    If you don’t have an unlocked cell phone, or would prefer not to use your personal phone, rent  a global cell phone. Stay in touch and enjoy low rates, voice mail, and it works in 200 countries.
    Starting at $25/week + airtime
  3. Internet Access
    Rent a Pocket WiFi device – your own personal hotspot. Up to 5 smart devices can be connected at one time, and will cover your family’s assortment of devices. Plus, as its name implies, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket, so you can have easy access no matter where you are.
    Unlimited Data for $99/week (subject to fair use policy)

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