A Study Abroad Experience is Priceless

Amsterdam, Holland, NetherlandsA study abroad is an excellent opportunity for students to broaden their horizon – gaining invaluable experience and knowledge along the way. Whether you plan to study abroad in England, France, Italy or Spain or anywhere in Europe this summer, we have some great tips for you!

According to Nina Truong, who did a study abroad program for three summers while she was at Emory University, it changes the way you see the world. She believes you become a better global citizen by participating in a study abroad program. Read the full article from Nina here.

“After experiencing new things firsthand, your perception changes because you get a deeper understanding of the world.” – Nina Troung


Explore the area. Education doesn’t just happen in the classroom. Get out and explore the area and really immerse yourself in the culture, visit historical landmarks, and discover the natural beauty of where you are.

Meet people. You will have plenty of opportunities to meet fellow study abroad students. Don’t be shy! Participate in activities your program sponsors. Making friends who you can travel with will encourage you to travel more often. More importantly, make sure you get out and meet the local people and learn their customs. You’ll create friendships that will last a lifetime.

Get involved. Don’t hold back – take advantage of being in a new place to participate in local traditions, sample the food, and to learn the language. These experiences will enhance your own personal growth, your confidence, and go a long ways towards becoming a global citizen.

Keep a journal. With so many new experiences, it will be hard to remember them all. Keep a journal and if all you do is write down a sentence or two every day, once you’re home you’ll be glad you did.


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