Study Abroad in Paris Low Cost Rental Phone

Beautiful happy woman with cell phone in Paris

Rental Phone in Paris

This note is to express my appreciation for the outstanding services from Wireless Traveler during my granddaughter’s 5 week trip to Paris.

From my first call  to order a phone to my final contact for return instructions, the support team have been so helpful. They are both professional and very kind. When my granddaughter lost her rental phone at the end of her time in Paris, it was incredible how quickly Wireless Traveler was to send her a phone.

You have clearly made me a satisfied customer in every way, and I am sure that you will continue to serve future customers in the same way.

Once again, I am grateful for the support I received from Wireless Traveler and trust that our study abroad team will continue to let other students  know how great you all are!

Thanks, Edith Jones


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