Fun Facts About the 2016 Summer Olympic Games

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Since the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 in Athens, athletes from across the world have gathered to compete. Now considered one of the world’s biggest sporting events, this year’s Summer Olympics will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For 17 days, from August 5 to August 21, Rio will host the largest Summer Games to date.

In anticipation of this historic event, we’ve put together a list of fun facts about this year’s event.

  1. Around 10,500 athletes from 206 countries will participate in the Rio Olympics
  2. This is the first Olympic Games to be held in South America.
  3. Even though it is the Summer Olympics, it is winter in Brazil.
  4. The slogan of this year’s Olympics is Viva Sua Paixão (Live Your Passion).
  5. Rugby will be returning to the Games after a 92-year absence. This year debuts a 7-person game versus the 15-person game played in 1924. (The U.S. won that year’s gold medal.)
  6. Golf will be returning to the Games after a 112-year absence.
  7. 306 competitions covering 42 sports disciplines will be held in 37 venues.
  8. The opening ceremonies will be held in Maracanã Stadium, which holds the world record for the most fans to ever attend a soccer game. In 1950, 173,000 fans crowded the stadium, designed to hold 78,000, to watch the World Cup final.
  9. A team of athletes, including 5-10 refugees, who were forced to leave their countries, will compete under the Olympic flag, the first time in Olympics history.
  10. Volunteers will hand out approximately 85,000 uniforms for those in the medical services, technical officials, operational teams, and those interacting with the public.
  11. Rio is looking for a total of 70,000 volunteers for the Games.
  12. Prices for the 7.5 million tickets range from $40 to almost $3,000.
  13. 60,000 meals each day will be prepared for the athletes.
  14. Around 85,000 soldiers and police will be deployed – twice as large as security for London 2012.
  15. Nissan has provided 4,200 vehicles and a team of 750 volunteers will drive the cars during the Olympics.

There are still tickets available – so if you’ve always wanted to attend the Olympic Games, it’s not too late!

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