Tales From Travelers

Wireless Traveler Global Phones

As anyone who travels knows, for all the preparation and caution we employ, sometimes unexpected things just happen. Schedules change, flights get cancelled, something gets lost, or worse, stolen. At Wireless Traveler, we hear first-hand the tales of travelers. And we are happy to say, we hear more often than not how they have been... Read More

Traveling to … Kenya

Kenya African Safari

If an African safari is on your travel list, consider Kenya. This East African country has become a popular destination spot to experience the best of an African safari adventure. And recognizing that a safari is a great adventure for all ages, many Kenyan safari tours are specializing in family-friendly safaris. What greater way for children to... Read More

Football, Volcanoes and Travel

College football and volcanoes. What do they possibly have in common? You would be surprised. This week, one had the potential of canceling the other. Central Florida and Penn State are scheduled to play the first game of their season in Ireland this Saturday. Until today, there was a possibility the teams wouldn’t be able... Read More

Obama Signs Bill to Unlock Cell Phones

Wireless Traveler Unlocking Phones

On August 1, President Obama signed a bill “unlocking” cell phones and other wireless devices. WHY IS THIS GOOD TO UNLOCK CELL PHONES? First, it means that you won’t have to ask your network carrier to unlock your phone. And second, it means that with an unlocked phone, you can use your personal smart phone... Read More

Traveling to … Cuba

Havana, Cuba

Cuba. An island of intrigue and mystery. And until a couple of years ago, forbidden to most U.S. citizens. In 2011, President Obama reinstated the U.S. government’s “people-to-people” educational program, which eased travel restrictions between the United States and Cuba.     EDUCATIONAL TOURS TO HAVANA, CUBA This means that tourists can visit Cuba as... Read More

Meet Us in Las Vegas at Virtuoso Travel Week


We are excited for the annual Virtuoso Travel Week, held this year in Las Vegas, Nevada (Aug 9-15). The event brings together agencies, advisors, suppliers, and special guests in what is considered by many to be the luxury travel event of the year. It is a great place for making connections, learning the latest in travel news, and... Read More

Traveling to … Ireland


Late August and early September can be an ideal time of year to travel to Ireland. The throngs of tourists that crowd the island from mid-June through mid-August have generally thinned out, but the weather still remains mild. Daytime brings high temperatures in the 60s and low 70s, with overnight low temperatures in the 50s.... Read More

Introducing the Wireless Traveler App!

Wireless Traveler App

We are thrilled to announce our latest product offering from Wireless Traveler  – the Wireless Traveler App. This WiFi calling app is designed to help you easily and inexpensively stay in touch all over the world using your own smart phone. It is available for both iPhones and Android phones. WIRELESS TRAVELER APP FEATURES With... Read More

Staying Connected Abroad While Studying

Study Abroad Students

Studying abroad? As exciting as that is, it can also be intimidating. Staying connected abroad with your family and friends will help make your transition to this new adventure much easier. (And it will help your parents’ peace of mind.) Luckily, it is easy to stay in touch these days. You’ve got options that aren’t... Read More

Embarking on a Family Vacation to France

Have you been thinking about gathering your family together for an overseas vacation? Grandparents, parents, children, maybe an aunt or uncle or two? One of the most popular locations for multi-generational family vacations is France. And the summer is a great time to travel. FAMILY VACATION SPOTS IN FRANCE If you want to visit France... Read More

Study Abroad in Paris Low Cost Rental Phone

Rental Phone in Paris This note is to express my appreciation for the outstanding services from Wireless Traveler during my granddaughter’s 5 week trip to Paris. From my first call  to order a phone to my final contact for return instructions, the support team have been so helpful. They are both professional and very kind. When my granddaughter lost her... Read More

Foto Friday along the Italian Coast

Italian Coast

Hello  from the Italian Coast Here is a picture of me on my trip last fall bicycling along the Italian coast. Great fun, good exercise and terrific food and weather. The phone came in handy for calls home and especially to our trip leader for some key calls to make hotel reservations when he decided to... Read More

Foto Friday in Lithuania

Congratulations Walt! Our Foto Friday Lithuania selection for Friday March 28th. This photo was taken by me of my brothers in Vilinis, Lithuania last year. The man wearing the blue jacket is a pathologist and runs the Clinical Lab at U of Maryland Medical Center and is on call 24/7. The only way I could... Read More

Telecom Bans while Traveling Abroad

With the temporary ban of Twitter in Turkey last week, a number of questions have been raised regarding social media abroad. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s controversial move to block Twitter was appealed and lifted less than a week later by the High Council for Telecommunications. Many locals in Turkey, as well as foreign... Read More