In Emergencies, Stay Connected Through WiFi

Use Wi-Fi on Smartphone

In times of emergency, mobile networks can get overloaded as happened in Belgium yesterday. Yet, in times of emergency we want to connect with our loved ones. One of the most reliable, and safe, ways to do this is by using a WiFi network instead of a mobile network. Yesterday, Belgium’s Deputy Prime Minister Alexander... Read More

Cadet & Junior Fencing World Championships

Foil fencing

The world’s top young fencers will compete at the 2016 Cadet & Junior Fencing World Championships this April in Bourges, France. Young fencers from dozens of countries will descend on Bourges, as they compete for medals in a total of 19 disciplines. The event will feature junior men’s and women’s foil, epee and sabre for... Read More

7 Tips to Make Special Occasion Travel a Success

Safari camel ride - group exotic travel

There’s no better way to celebrate a special occasion than by spending time with your friends and family on a celebratory trip. While you might typically associate special occasion travel with destination weddings or honeymoons, there are many other moments in our lives that should be celebrated. A sweet-16 birthday, college graduation, family reunion, or... Read More