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  • Highspeed 4G/LTE data
  • Share one plan for all your devices
  • Connect up to 10 smart devices at a time
  • Safe & secure

SIM Cards

SIM cards for travel


Global Cellphones

Our Global Cell Phones work in over 190 countries, including Cuba.

  • Smart Phones & Burner Phones
  • Low cost calls, texts & data
  • Dual SIM Phones
  • Free incoming Texts
  • No contracts, no monthly fees
  • US and UK number

Satellite Phone

If you can see the sky, you can make a call

Rent or Buy for:

  • Remote adventure trips
  • Sailing or Sea Cruising
  • Mountain Trekking
  • Safaris

Make sure you have everything you need

Choose items from our range of accessories that will make your trip even better.

Wireless Traveler Accessories