Earthquake on vacation - Staying connected

by Wireless Traveler 11. March 2011 09:45

When preparing for a vacation everyone thinks of PMT passport, money and tickets. But what about staying connected when the unexpected happens.
When New Zealand experienced a 6.3 – magnitude earthquake on February 21 2011, thousands of stranded tourists weren’t all able to call home and let everyone know they were safe. Frances Heartwell, from Dallas Fort Worth Texas had been enjoying her month long trip to Australia and New Zealand when disaster struck.

“I had been standing in the heart of Christ Church only the day before the earthquake happened. We should have still been there but our itinerary was thankfully moved ahead by one day” said Heartwell.

“I was so thankful to have my Wireless Traveler global phone with me so I could get in touch with everyone and let them know I was safe. It was also a relief to know that it cost me a fraction of the price I would have paid with my regular iphone.”

“My travel companions also appreciated my phone as they didn’t bring one and their family was trying to reach them to let them know that some people had tried to break into their house”.

“Mrs. Heartwell’s experience is not an isolated case as we are seeing the same thing in Japan right now. A number of our customers are relying on their Wireless Traveler phone as their sole means of communication while they are being relocated.” said Brenda Benson, VP Marketing Wireless Traveler. “In today’s world, a global phone is critical for safety and security while traveling internationally, if only to be contactable and let friends and family know that all is well.” The low cost calling and reliable service in 200 countries with no contracts makes this an affordable and essential item that no international traveler should be without.

About Wireless Traveler
Wireless Traveler offers the very latest in no contract/no fees Global Phones and SIM cards, now with a U.S. and U.K. number, lower calling rates, service in more than 180 countries, free incoming calls (60 countries), and free incoming text messages worldwide. You can also forward your regular cell or office phone calls to your Wireless Traveler Phone and receive your calls at greatly reduced rates. Wireless Traveler LLC is a partnership with Michigan-based company The Wireless Source, a leading U.S. distributor of mobile phones. For more information, visit




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